About Us

After fifteen years in the music industry, performing in bands (The Little Brother Band), as a solo artist, booking tours / festivals, concert promoting and countless Indie Record offers, Wes Reamsbottom decided to start his own label.

"I wanted to start a label that offered all of the things I desired in a record deal; unique service that caters to each artist and their individual needs from people that are actively involved in the Music Industry."

Harper Records is based out of Vancouver, Canada and offers artists all of the services they need to become successful in today's music industry including:

Recording, Producing, Song-writing, Booking / Touring, Website Development and Physical / Digital distribution.

Harper Records is dedicated to helping artists capture their sound using all of the knowledge and resources they've obtained over years of working in the Music Industry.

If you are interested in having Harper Records listen to your music please submit a link with your Digital Demos to:


Or visit our Contact Us page.